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Based in Columbus, New Jersey, the Luna Family grows over 40 varieties of flowers. Their mission is to bring beauty into as many New York homes  as possible. In order to complete this mission the Luna Family cuts the flowers just hours before the market, which guarantees the freshness of each and every flower.


Luna Family Farm came to be in 2018 on 65 acres of land, after farmer Pablo Sr. decided that it was a good idea to start another business that would not only benefit him but also his family.

Prior to 2018, Pablo worked on another flower farm for 27+ years, where he gained knowledge about harvesting each different flower and how the flower business worked.


Flowers had always had a special place in Pablo’s heart.  Growing up he had been taught to love them by his mother and now he enjoys bringing luscious bunches to his wife, Enriqueta, weekly and sometimes daily. 




The farm is truly a family affair.

Pablo Sr, works together with his eldest son Pablo Jr to plan what is going to benefit the business. Together they form the dream team, as they each split the hard work in order to not to put much pressure on any of them. Pablo Jr. is not only the other farmer but he is also a college student that plans to major in Business Administration.


Enriqueta, the wife of Pablo Sr, operates a local bakery in their area, but whenever she is available she helps her husband at the farm or market.

Julissa, their daughter, also manages the business when she is available.

Frankie, a familiar face you not only will see at the weekend markets but also at the farm after school. He also controls the social media accounts and continues to work with his family in order to someday pay for college. 


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